Want free money? Scholarships@UWMadison can help

Scholarships@UW-Madison is turning five! To celebrate, check out these FAQs, as well as the new student portal for all your mobile devices that helps you find the right scholarship opportunities, complete applications, and accept campus awards — all online.

The one-stop-shop for UW-Madison students since 2009, Scholarships@UW-Madison has grown immensely since its inception. Today, it houses over 90 percent of undergraduate scholarships on campus. In the past year alone, Scholarships@UW-Madison received over 10,000 applications and awarded over $4 million dollars to more than 1,500 students.

To help you through your scholarship journey, we’ve put together a list of FAQs to use as you navigate Scholarships@UW-Madison:

Q: Can anyone apply for a scholarship through Scholarships@UW-Madison?

A: There are hundreds of scholarships on Scholarships@UW-Madison. Each scholarship will have different eligibility criteria and targeted applicants. Though not every school, college, or department uses Scholarships@UW-Madison, all students are welcome to complete the “Find Scholarship Applications” process and apply for scholarships. If you have questions about what scholarships you are eligible for, visit Scholarships@UW-Madison and click “Explore Scholarships.”

Q: When can I apply for scholarships?

A: Scholarship cycles vary by school, college, department, unit, etc. In short, there is no set “scholarship cycle” for students to adhere to. Scholarship applications may be open at any time throughout the year, so it is important to check at regular intervals to ensure you’re not missing out on any scholarship opportunities.

Q: What is the difference between a scholarship and an application?

A: When you “Find Scholarship Applications” on Scholarships@UW-Madison, you are actually searching for open applications tied to scholarships that you are eligible for. Since these applications may have one or more scholarships attached to them, you may apply to any number of scholarships simply by completing one application.

Q: Who’s my resource for scholarship questions?

A: For questions regarding scholarships within your department, school or college, contact your academic advisor. For questions regarding national scholarships, contact the Office of the Provost (awards@provost.wisc.edu). Finally, for questions regarding Scholarships@UW-Madison, contact scholarship_support@em.wisc.edu.

Remember to log on to Scholarships@UW-Madison throughout the year to find scholarship opportunities that are right for you and to celebrate the fifth birthday of UW-Madison’s one-stop-shop for scholarships.