U-Dub Love: A love story over 22 years and still going on

The following submission, from UW alum Hua-mei Chang of Davenport, Iowa, was selected as our U-Dub Love Winner. She wins a set of coffee mugs! The photo includes (from left) Pin Che Kao, Christine Kao , Oliver Kao, and Hua-mei Chang. 

“I met my husband on this beautiful campus in 1991 when I just arrived from Taiwan for my graduate study on Theatre and Drama. He was already a veteran on UW campus, entering his fourth year in pursuing his Ph’D degree on Mechanical Engineering.

As a member of Chinese Students Association, he was helping new students from Taiwan to settle on campus.  The first time I saw him was when he came to pick up the three of us new Taiwanese students for the canoe ride on Lake Mendota, one of the new student welcome events I was looking forward to.

Before I knew it, he and I were assigned to one canoe.  Not knowing how to swim, I was terrified by the shaking of this puny boat. In spite of the life jacket, I felt my life was in the hands of this man who sat across from me and paddled with ease.  Seeing me not enjoying the ride, he smiled all the sunshine at me and assured me we would be fine.

To distract me from fear, he started chitchatting with me.  Surprisingly I found out we were from the same city in Taiwan.  Yet we did not know each other.

One and half years later we got married at Madison. We were always amazed how fate brought us over 8,000 miles to Madison to find each other.  And our connection with UW-Madison was not over with our graduations in 1993.  After 20 years, last fall our son is admitted to the college of Engineering at UW-Madison!  Helping him moving into campus felt like time traveling back to 1991!

This campus holds the most romantic and precious memory of our family. And it seems very possible the love story will go on to the second generation!”