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The Weekly

Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison September 30, 2015

Be in the Know

Leon Varjian, flamingo-wielding student prankster, dies

The Statue of Liberty didn't just rise out of Lake Mendota on her own. Years before the plastic flamingo became the city of Madison's official bird, one student made UW-Madison his "graduate school of fun."

Holding their breath: students wait on fate of federal Perkins Loans

Unless the U.S. Senate acts, the Perkins Loan program will expire at midnight on Thursday. If the program were to expire, colleges would be able to continue to make Perkins Loans to some students, but would be unable to make any new loans.

Crew teams up to help take down brain cancer

Connor Dawes never got to row for his parents' alma mater. Now UW and Stanford will battle each other with a challenge in his honor. 100% of the funds raised will support pediatric brain cancer research, with half staying at UW-Madison.

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Campus Life

Photo: Photographer's proof sheet

Then and now: looking back on 25 years of campus life

The breadth and depth of what happens at UW-Madison means that there's always something to see. To mark his 25th year on campus, University Communications senior photographer Jeff Miller is returning to subjects from his first year to highlight the changes and continuities in campus life.

‘Garage Physics’ turns undergrad brainstorms into reality

"Just try something. It doesn't matter what it is." From search engines to sustainability, this Sterling Hall makerspace helps undergraduates develop their business and technological visions.

Students help Housing, Union cut down on receipt clutter

Those little paper cash register receipts won't overrun your pockets, wallet or backpack anymore thanks to a student-driven collaboration between the Office of Sustainability, University Housing and the Union.

In the News

Olympian turned researcher sways athletes’ view on gender

When a world-class athlete challenged the notion of what it means to be female, grad student -- and former Olympian -- Madeleine Pape found herself uniquely qualified to help.


Jim Maynard makes chemistry fun for the rest of us

Those explosions in your Chem 103 lecture don't just serve to keep you awake. Behind the scenes, Jim Maynard plans relatable, exciting demonstrations to awaken the scientist in everyone.

Pro Tips

Need to free up space on your phone? DoIT can help!

The more photos and videos you take, the faster your smartphone fills up. Some iPhone users even get notices to clear space on their phone to upgrade to iOS9. DoIT shares how to tidy up your storage in time for more.


Quiz question answer… and your last chance to win free stuff!

It's been real, folks, but the free stuff experiment is drawing to a close. Don't miss out! See if you've won last week's prize... or try one last time for the final chance.