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Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison November 23, 2016

Be in the Know

Staying safe on campus

Enjoy Thanksgiving at home, but don't forget to lock up your stuff while you're away. The UW-Madison Police Department has seven tips for Crime Prevention and Campus Safety. More ideas: Don't walk alone, and lock your doors.

5 tips to make your Thanksgiving break a success

With no classes Thursday through Sunday for Thanksgiving Break, students are looking forward to spending time on the couch catching up on their favorite TV shows. Check out these 5 tips to refresh yourself over the holiday break!

Photo: Vaccine being administered to woman's arm

Plan for second dose of meningitis vaccine

If you're home for the holiday, talk with your folks about how to get your second dose of meningitis vaccine. Make an appointment for winter break with your family physician or check your insurance to see if a pharmacy at home or in Madison can provide it.

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Campus Life

The Weekly quiz: Birds served on campus

This week, in the weekly quiz, we'll give you a break on a fresh question, and instead just revel in the tryptophan-filled history of Thanksgiving at UW-Madison.

In the News

A look at ground-breaking Badger athletes

Following World War II, African American athletes joined UW teams in larger numbers, and for decades, they were the most visible minority students on campus. But they often faced obstacles and discrimination.

My Favorite Things

Photo: Collection of organic vegetables

Eat up — it’s all delicious

The approach of the holidays is the perfect time to plan for some good eating. Whether it's planning slow food,  talking WUD cuisine, or even reflecting on the role of food in your family and culture, it's all tasty.


Are you ready to rant?

Want to blow off some steam? Watch Free Rant Friday, Badgers! In this occasional series, Cynthia Liu will vocalize all of student life's irritations. In the first episode, she rants about how hard it is to find your core squad during freshman year.