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The Weekly

Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison November 19, 2014

Be in the Know

Photos: A magical day for Gordon, fans and UW-Madison

If you were at Saturday's game against Nebraska, you probably didn't expect to see such incredible moments. The Wisconsin win capped off a record-breaking performance, a remarkable gift and a beautiful snow.

University provides a quick read on how it raises, spends money

Every wonder just where your tuition money goes? How about how the Legislature's support for the university has changed? For anyone who loves a good pie chart, the Budget in Brief booklet provides these answers in colorful detail. Related: Morgridges give $100M.

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Don’t miss Internet of Things (IoT) Lab Open House, Dec. 9

Interact with emerging tech: drones, virtual reality, Google Glass, exciting student project demos and more! UW IoT Lab Open House, Tuesday, Dec. 9, 5-7 p.m., at the Discovery building.

Campus Life

Can Ninja Turtles sell chocolate — without even being in the ad?

Eunji Cho, a grad student in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, wanted to know if the violence and excitement of certain shows affects how children respond to advertising. The results might surprise you.

In the News

Young, gay and religious? Times are changing

Religious affiliation is generally a source of support during difficult times. But religion doesn’t exactly have a reputation as a refuge for young gay people. That reputation may improve with new research from UW-Madison's Maurice Gattis and others.

Off Campus

Video: Alumnus creates more than just a hackerspace

“Sector67” sounds like something ominous from a sci-fi, but it’s a real place here in Madison. In this Big Ten Network profile, meet the UW-Madison alum who helps makers turn imagination into reality ... and find out how you can bring your own projects to life.

Pro Tips

Be the Pro: Help answer big questions about picking the right major

This week, it's your turn to give advice. What would you say to two fellow students navigating the classic liberal arts dilemma — should they focus on what they love, or on landing a job? Help them figure out a unique path through the dizzying variety of options.


Badger Consulting provides real-world experience, solutions

Combining education, entrepreneurship and community service, Badger Consulting does it all.  The organization operates just like a real consulting firm, allowing students to gain experience while offering free services to business in the Madison area.