Quiz corner loves to fly the friendly skies… of the Kohl Center

We bet you wish you could pull off sequins as well as this guy right here. Even if you’re not in a sparkly mood, you could win free swag. See, that’s still pretty exciting!

Last week’s question:

The Varsity Band Concert brings hundreds of performers (and thousands of sequins, and untold amounts of confetti) to the Kohl Center this week. Director Mike Leckrone enters on a different vehicle each year, but it’s usually from the same general place. How does he arrive?

Mike Leckrone enters on a suspended Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Photo by Jeff Miller.

Look! Up in the air! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… Mike Leckrone, descending from the rafters courtesy of theatrical rigging and Flying By Foy. On a wire, on a flying tuba, on a giant wheel of cheese, on a bicycle (or tricycle, or motorcycle), in a hot air balloon, or “like Dumbo!” — Anything involving being airborne, he’s probably entered that way.

Unless it was 2014, of course, in which case he popped out of a giant 40th anniversary cake. But he made up for it later in the show.

Because we know you’re wondering… he’ll be 80 this July.

This week’s winners are Lia Risser and Megan Grimmenga, chosen at random from all correct responses. Congrats! You can come to 28 Bascom Hall to pick up your prize: a fabulous UW coffee mug.

This week’s question: 

Yes, we did do a question about ice cream already, but come on… it’s SPRING! And what better way to celebrate Commencement — and many, many other student accomplishments, large and small — than with Babcock Hall’s own Berry Proud Parent flavor? So tell us: what two ingredients (a fruit and a “flake”) make this flavor so fabulous?  

Please submit your answer in a comment below (don’t worry; it’s invisible to other commenters) by Friday, 11:59 p.m.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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