Quiz corner has a ‘big voice’ this week

Sending a “haho” out to Bronson Koenig and Will Decorah, two Badgers who are awesome on and off the hardwood. Did you guess right? Try, try again for free swag.

Last week’s question:

Badgers Bronson Koenig and Will Decorah aren’t just leaders on the basketball court. Both are proud members of a Native American nation whose roots in Wisconsin go back thousands of years. Which nation (one of 11 in the state) do they represent?

They’re Ho Chunk, the tribe that named Dejope Hall and other landmarks in and around Madison.

With Native history and heritage in the public eye this month — both because of an incident during a recent healing ceremony and the upcoming Spring Powwow this weekend — it’s more important than ever to recognize these players’ contributions to the Badger basketball team and beyond.

Originally from La Crosse, Koenig was heavily recruited by top programs, including Duke and North Carolina. As recounted in Varsity Magazine, “According to Koenig, whose mother, Ethel Funmaker, works for the Ho-Chunk in their technology department, Bo Ryan emphasized that the Native American population in Wisconsin would be able to revel in his exploits.”

image_handlerAnd they did. Koenig dedicated his astonishing buzzer-beater against Xavier to “all my natives out there,” inspiring people across the country.

“To have two on one team is pretty incredible,” said Decorah, who was added to the roster after two seasons as manager. “I think it’s kind of a close bond that me and Bronson share. We’ve been friends since high school — knowing each other through basketball — and now being on the same team brings us together even more.”

Native culture is alive and well in Wisconsin, thanks to leaders like Koenig and Decorah.

This week’s winners are Elizabeth Zars and Emmanuel Contreras, chosen at random from all correct responses. Congrats! You can come to 28 Bascom Hall to pick up your prize: a fabulous UW coffee mug.

This week’s question:

Spring break is over — for UW-Madison students, at least. With many high schools off this week, it’s the busiest week of the year for campus tours. Here’s a gimme: which building is the starting point for the majority of campus tours? 

Please submit your answer in a comment below(don’t worry; it’s invisible to other commenters) by Friday, 11:59 p.m.

Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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