Don’t let finals get you down — tips to fight stress

College students usually spend finals week catching up on projects or worrying about exams, but between those study periods, they need to relax and unwind. A few suggestions to de-stress during finals week this spring:

  1. Create a Study Schedule: Make a calendar that includes exam times, due dates for projects, and designated study periods to help prioritize what to finish each day and emphasize small goals over large, overwhelming papers or projects. Break up the studying by giving time to breaks whether it’s a netflix show, to read a book, or walk outside.
  2. Exercise: According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise has direct stress-busting benefits because it helps bump up the production of the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins. Take an hour a couple times a week to either jog, lift weights, or join a group class, and the Rec Center is offering free stress relief group fitness classes on May 7 through May 13.
  3. Eat Right and Sleep: Research suggests that students who get at least seven to eight hours of sleep have higher GPAs than those who get six or less because staying up all night cramming can actually decrease memory and ability to retain information. Eating healthy foods will provide the energy and focus to stay motivated.
  1. Visit Dogs on Call: Dogs on Call is non-profit organization whose members believe that pets can be used as a form of therapy to improve mental and physical wellness. The group attends events often on campus, especially during finals season. Check out all their events if you want some puppy love.
  1. Give yourself credit: Finals can make students doubt their abilities, and increase their anxiety. Just take a few minutes whenever stress comes and remind yourself that you are doing the best that you can, and you got this! It’s definitely alright to give yourself credit when credit is due.

– Kelsey O’Hara