Be like the industrious ant: Get ready for next fall now

Enrollment for fall courses is underway, as are plans to sign leases for next year. A little bit of planning now will make things go much easier when you’re ready to return to school after summer. Here’s a checklist.


-Get all your holds cleared, for such things as tuition balances past due. You can find them at MyUW.

-Plan what courses you are going to take, using the course guide.

-Find out when your enrollment time is through MyUW or check out this link.

-Meet with your academic advisor to make sure you are on schedule to graduate on time and that you are planning to enroll in the right classes.


Still looking for housing for the fall semester?

-There is still time to live in University Housing. Choose your hall, your room, and the friends that surround you.

-If you’re planning to return to the residence halls this fall, get all the information here.

-If you’re moving off campus, start here. And here are some good tips.


Wondering how you are going to pay for your tuition next semester?

-Apply for scholarships. Within each college there are lots of scholarships available. Also look into scholarships available through student organizations or your hometown.

-Fill out the Financial Aid forms for the Fall Semester.

-Don’t wait for the last minute — look into a summer job or internship now. Check out the Student Job Center.

-Apply for a campus job for the fall semester. With many students graduating, many new jobs are coming available now for next fall.


-Sara Griswold