Make summer term part of your summer plans

Summer Term is a one-of-a-kind UW-Madison experience. You can focus on one or two courses, tackling a challenging subject or getting a prerequisite out of the way. And you can finish a course in three, four, or eight weeks, rather than the full 15 weeks of fall and spring terms.

In surveys, students have ID’d what they like best about Summer Term. It’s a way to stay on track for graduation, avoiding an extra semester or two on campus. (In other words: saving money on tuition and rent.) It’s also a way to get ahead of the game on finishing a degree. Taking a summer course lets you lighten the load in fall and spring, leaving time for internships or other opportunities.

“I appreciated Summer Term courses because they allowed me to take fewer credits during the semester so I could focus more on my core courses,” says UW undergrad Camron Johnson.

For those who stay on campus in summer, Madison is a paradise of concerts, markets, and festivals, and the Terrace is always open. For those who don’t, the university has expanded its online offerings so students can take classes from anywhere in the world.

Best of all, UW-Madison is increasing scholarship funding for summer 2017. Last year 225 undergraduate students received scholarships, and this year the university hopes to boost that number to 400. The application period runs March 1 to April 4, and it’s easy to apply.

“The summer scholarship allowed me to stay on track to graduate in four years and will later allow me to take advantage of internships and other opportunities in my academic career,” says 2016 scholarship recipient Amber Piepenburg.

The 2017 Summer Term course guide is available at MyUW. The guide features a wide range of career-oriented courses that can prepare you for a job after graduation, including internships, field experiences, and service learning opportunities. It also includes lots of high-demand courses that tend to fill up quickly in fall and spring. The Summer Term website has additional information about programs, tuition, scholarships, housing options, and summer employment.

Enrollment begins March 27, but now’s the time to start planning with help from your advisor. Browse the course guide to see how you can have a summer break and a summer breakthrough at UW-Madison.