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Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison May 31, 2017

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Welcome to your UW-Madison summer

Summer is a special time at UW-Madison. You can chill on the Terrace while advancing your degree at a leisurely pace. Even if you’re taking an online course from out of town, you can still have an academic breakthrough without the pressure of a full course load. What are students looking forward to at the start of Summer Term 2017?

Help others and gain experience: Summer volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to serve the Madison community and gain valuable experience. Learn more about how to sign up for Badger Volunteers and 10 close-to-campus volunteer opportunities you can apply for this summer.

Photo: Pink flamingos on Bascom Hill

Meet the guy behind all those flamingos

They've become iconic: Pink flamingos blanketing Bascom Hill. The Statue of Liberty peeking out from Lake Mendota. A new exhibition takes a look at the man behind these clever pranks — former student government leader Leon Varjian.

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Campus Life

Photo: Union South

Get familiar with summer hours

Most places on campus have different hours during the summer. Make sure you know when things are open! Click the following links to find out the summer hours for UW's dining halls, libraries, gyms and unions.

My Favorite Things

Beyond the library: Best study spots for summer class

Summer brings a whole new array of beautiful study spots to enjoy — here are the best places to learn while enjoying the lazy beauty of a Madison summer. Also, tell us your favorites in the survey at the bottom for your chance to win some Badger swag.

Summer sweet spots video: Memorial Union Terrace

Brightly colored starburst chairs, shady oak trees, a cool breeze off Lake Mendota. The Memorial Union Terrace is the place to relax during the summer, and it even features live music four nights a week.

Your Health

If you plan to take a dip, follow these safe swimming tips

While swimming is a great way to enjoy the blissful summer months, it is important to recognize the dangers that swimming can pose if done unsafely. Keep it safe and fun by using this guide to learn how to prevent, recognize, and respond to drowning.