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The Weekly

Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison March 4, 2015

Be in the Know

Final Fur: March Madness for pets and other friends

Can your dog bark "Varsity"? Does your python have pom-poms? Get ready to watch the fur fly in the wildest, cutest tournament of the year. Submit your photos and tell us why your pet deserves to win.

Video: A soldier and a scholar

As a West Point cadet, history professor John Hall preferred combat courses to the liberal arts. Now, he realizes the liberal arts were the most valuable part of his education. Joining UW was the only job that could have tempted him to leave active duty.

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It’s Mac Madness time!

Enter to win a $450 Apple Pack from the DoIT Tech Store, including an iPad mini 3, new backpack & Apple gear. Plus, get a coupon for $50 off Macs or $25 off an iPad.

Campus Life

“Good Kids” production puts rape culture in the spotlight

“I wanted to write a play that spoke to issues that were very important to university students right now,” said playwright Naomi Iizuka. University Theatre is producing the play alongside all other Big Ten schools.

Mmmm! Edible mealworms could solve protein problems

As a cheap and easy source of protein for humans, it might be hard to beat the mighty mealworm. An award-winning student project shows how. Related: Not so sure about these squirmy wonders? Try our recipes!

In the News

Music for cats is purrfectly delightful

If you're wondering how to keep your cat's ears happy, emeritus psychology professor Charles Snowdon has the tunes for you. Now that researchers have found music cats seem to like, they think it could have some important applications.

My Favorite Things

Video: Students on the Street – How do you handle bad pick-up lines?

Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Reporter Elise Romas asks UW-Madison students around campus how they handle bad pick-up lines.

Pro Tips

DoIT: Tools for more popular tweets

How you say something on Twitter might be more important than what you say. Cornell University researchers have created a tool that lets you test two versions of a tweet — and determines which is more likely to be effective.

Your Health

Daylight Savings Time is on the horizon: is that good or bad?

Love it or hate it, Daylight Savings Time starts Sunday, March 8. Could this shift be harmful to your sleep? Related: Why bump time up an hour just to take it back again, anyway? eCALS tells you more.