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The Weekly

Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison March 25, 2015

Be in the Know

Terrace chairs: a love story

The snow has melted (well, mostly...), it’s above freezing and the lake ice is retreating, so where are the chairs!? Calm yourselves, Terrace fans. We know awaiting a reunion with a loved one can be nerve-wracking.

Video: Chemistry building seeks new formula for success

With nearly 55% of the student body taking a chemistry class at some point, adequate modern facilities are critical to ensuring ready access to the courses students need when they need them.

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Campus Life

Video: #UWVoices looks at student challenges

Seniors Christian Inouye and Christian Wilson set out to explore some of the challenges of race that students experience on campus.

New L&S careers course sparks reflective exploration

Nailing down a career can be tricky. That uncertainty is part of the reason sophomore Ryan Kielczewski enrolled in the College of Letters & Science’s new academic and career planning course.

In the News

Kat Vosters keeps the ball bouncing for Badger hoops

For everything off the court, the Badger men's basketball team turns to Kat Vosters. Just two years after her graduation, she says she's already found her dream job. Related: Watch the Badgers vs. UNC Thursday evening.

My Favorite Things

Go old school with bygone buildings from UW’s past

Did you know that a YMCA once sat next to the Terrace? Or that a massive ski jump ran down Observatory Hill? And that some "temporary structures" lasted 60 years? Explore the lost buildings of campus with these images.


Severe weather spotter class coming to campus

Do tornadoes set you a-twitter? An upcoming class will teach how to identify dangerous weather formations,  report your findings, and stay safe while weather spotting.

Your Health

Heads up! Avoid the dreaded “tech neck”

When your mom told you to sit up straight, she likely wasn't thinking about smartphones and tablets. But one study suggests these devices cause us to spend thousands of hours putting extra pounds of stress on the neck.


Six student projects awarded Wisconsin Idea Fellowships

More than $30,000 has been awarded to eight students for six projects. Over the next year, they'll take their big ideas from campus across the state, country and world.

Video: Steenbock wall goes from gray to green in a matter of moments

A time-lapse video shows how staffers have transformed a concrete wall into a living garden.