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The Weekly

Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison January 27, 2016

Be in the Know

Video game research shows promise for autism

Researcher Brittany Travers has tons of big questions about autism and the brain. Helping kids improve their motor skills may have a positive impact on their symptoms -- and involve lots and lots of video games.

New year, new site for all your campus IT needs

The UW homepage isn't the only campus site getting an overhaul: DoIT has shifted to a single site, with a clear path for information technology users to find a service, complete a task, purchase a product, or just get help. RELATED: Join Beta Badgers

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Use your summer break to have a summer breakthrough!

Summer Term has over 1,000 classes on campus & 100 classes online. Internships, research and career experiences also available.

Campus Life

Black History Month events offer arts, networking, discussion and community

Even with 29 days in February, Black History Month 2016 includes so much that it spills into the months on either side. All members of the UW-Madison community are encouraged to participate. Above: an image from "We the 350," a dramatic performance that kicks off the events.

Video: ‘Dawn of space agriculture’ not so far away – thanks to UW

Sustainable, self-contained food sources will be key in allowing astronauts to travel farther in space, as shown in the movie "The Martian." Botany professor Simon Gilroy and his team are leaders in learning how to effectively grow plants in space.

In the News

SpaceX team competes for faster, safer and less expensive transportation

Last year, SpaceX and Tesla announced an exciting engineering competition for university students. Meet the UW-Madison team trying to create transportation that is faster, safer, less expensive and more sustainable than planes, cars or trains.

Off Campus

Medical students ‘TRIUMPH’ over urban health problems

For UW med students in Milwaukee through the TRIUMPH program, the neighborhood is their classroom. Chancellor Rebecca Blank recently paid a visit to learn how they're improving health care and training to practice medicine in underserved areas.


David Blom, new campus coordinator, talks Title IX

Title IX, a federal law prohibiting gender discrimination, has been around for decades, but its impact on universities has changed a lot. David Blom discusses current efforts to combat discrimination, including sexual violence.

Your Health

E-cigarettes: fact vs. fiction

Electronic cigarettes — commonly known as e-cigs — are a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. But despite the perceived benefits, these devices aren’t all they’re hyped up to be. Let’s look at myths and facts about vaping.


Quiz corner remembers registering on the phone with the Touchtone Lady

"Can you imagine being a freshman and running from Humanities to Chemistry to Van Vleck to Social Science, only to find all the classes filled?" writes a reader. "The trauma and the drama..." Happily, we've got free swag to soothe those scary memories.