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The Weekly

Official news and info for your week at UW-Madison February 3, 2016

Be in the Know

Video: Meet the speaker for Spring 2016 Commencement

This year's speaker is no stranger to campus, and we're sure his speech will be well received. Who is it? (No, it's not the ghost of Abe...) Check out this video for the official stats.

Apply now for Men’s Project, striving to cultivate healthier masculinities

“When you hear ‘Be a man,’ what comes to mind?” asks facilitator Matt Evansen. The program offers students the opportunity to discuss what it means to be a man in our society -- and how to take part in a movement toward gender equity.

Blank’s Slate: Latest news about Voter ID

With the state's new Voter ID requirement set to go into effect in the next round of elections, Chancellor Rebecca Blank explains how and why the university is taking steps to ensure that students have the right voting credentials.

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The Red Shirt®, Limited Edition by Virgil Abloh

The ultimate in Badger streetwear by Virgil Abloh ’03, one of today’s hottest designers. Proceeds support students. Less than 250 left! Get yours now.

Campus Life

BadgerLoop team takes flight at international competition

Scientific progress means a lot of tinkering... and a lot of late nights. It paid off for UW-Madison's BadgerLoop team (previously), who placed third in last week's international competition, hosted by SpaceX and Tesla.

New dining options, same charm at revamped Liz’s Market

You don't have to live in the residence halls to enjoy the newly remodeled and renamed Liz’s Market. Marketplace-style dining now lets customers choose anything from comfort food to global flavors, made to order and easy to grab in a hurry.

In the News

Research: Virtual reality makes its best users the most queasy

Can't read in a car without feeling a little ooky? Your 3-D vision may actually be better than most. In a twist of virtual fate, people with the best 3-D vision are also the people most likely to suffer from motion sickness while using virtual reality displays.

Your Health

Feeling glum, chum? Tips for beating those winter blues

Dwindling daylight can result in decreased levels of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates hunger and puts you in a state of good mood. Get out of that rut! Check out these tips to shed some light on your seasonal sadness.


Quiz corner is not worthy of the 2006 hockey champions…

...but you are! Check out this week's quiz question and see if your shot on last week's question beat the buzzer. You might just win free stuff.