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Compliance with Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to help make UW-Madison a drug-free place to live and learn. You can do this by learning about substance abuse, encouraging others to avoid abuse and getting help if needed.

Meningitis update

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Don’t forget your second meningitis vaccination

Did you get the first vaccination for meningitis? If so, great! You are half done. In order to maintain long-term immunity you must receive the second vaccination 30 days after the first vaccination. Winter break is the perfect time to schedule and get it.

Violence Prevention and Survivor Services (EVOC) welcomes three new staff

To address sexual assault and dating violence, University Health Services (UHS) has hired three additional staff members to join the End Violence on Campus (EVOC) unit to expand violence prevention and survivor services.


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Beat that cold by dressing properly

It looks like winter is here to stay, so here are some tips from UHS on how to stay warm. The key? Dress in plenty of layers, wear good gloves and socks, and cover your head. Also, know your indoor exercise options.


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Volunteering is good for your health

Volunteering helps other people, but it also helps you. Students who volunteered up to 10 hours each week were less likely to feel depressed than students who did not volunteer, according to a study. Working, on the other hand, made no difference.

Video: Feeling stale and nervous? Close the books and exercise!

Maybe you don’t feel like going out for a jog. But it will do you a world of good. Studies show students who exercise have higher grades and feel less stressed. A student — and experts — offer insight into the positive effects of physical exercise.



18,000 Badgers can’t be wrong – have YOU had your shot?

UHS urges all undergraduates to get the free meningitis B vaccine; so far, more than 18,000 have. Stop by the SERF before 8 p.m. tonight or drop in to UHS Nov. 7-18.

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WATCH: Be at your best for the big game

Big events like Saturday’s football game against Ohio State can bring out risky behavior, so be a good bystander if someone drinks too much. Here is a Badger fan with safety tips, including the three Ds: direct, delegate and distract.


What you need to know about meningitis

University Health Services has contacted and treated all those who’ve been in close contact with the two UW-Madison students who were hospitalized with meningococcal disease. Both are recovering. UHS is working with state and county officials to determine the best vaccine recommendation for students. Details