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Don’t think you need health insurance as a student? Think again.

UHS isn’t open evenings and weekends and does not provide emergency care, hospitalization, or specialty care for complex problems — meaning it’s not a substitute for health insurance. Plus your parents’ health insurance might not provide the coverage you thought. Find out more about SHIP, the UW-Madison Student Health Insurance Plan.

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Incoming students to take new violence prevention program

Beginning August 1, first-year and incoming transfer students will participate in a new online training called U Got This! that targets sexual assault and dating violence. The new program replaces the Tonight program, which UW-Madison has used since 2013.

If you plan to take a dip, follow these safe swimming tips

While swimming is a great way to enjoy the blissful summer months, it is important to recognize the dangers that swimming can pose if done unsafely. Keep it safe and fun by using this guide to learn how to prevent, recognize, and respond to drowning.

Summer Health Fee will cover UHS services

Staying in Madison this summer? Your student status changes after the semester ends. The Summer Health Fee is $98 and provides access to UHS’s usual services — including medical and mental health care — between May 14 and Aug. 31.


Get active with Bucky this spring

Join Bucky’s Workout for an active, energetic, and stress-relieving workout on the field at Camp Randall Stadium from noon to 12:45 p.m. on May 24. All UW-Madison faculty, staff, and students of all fitness levels are invited to participate and get active with Bucky.

Use your spring break to rest and reset

University Health Services is offering five free Spring Break wellness sessions, at 1 p.m. Monday through Friday, March 20-24, at Gordon Dining and Event Center. Registration encouraged but not required. In addition, get a meningitis B vaccine, chair massage and a little canine time with Dogs on Call.


Consent: How we say ‘yes’ and ‘no’

Consent is a free and clearly given “yes,” not the absence of a “no.” For a lot of us, we know what consent looks and feels like. The communication of a “yes” or a “no” can take its form in many different ways, not all expressed verbally.


Friday rant: It’s not easy being green (with sickness)

In her newest rant, Cynthia admits she’s too sick to function right now. In all honesty, the easiest thing to develop in college is a cold. And a wave of sickness has, yet again, washed over Badgertown. And UHS offers some tips to deal with it — wash your hands!

You do need your sleep to learn in class!

You better get some Z’s, if you want good grades. Electron microscope pictures from inside the brains of mice suggest that synapses – the junctions between nerve cells – grow strong and large during the stimulation of daytime, then shrink while we sleep, creating room for more growth and learning the next day.

Photo: Study abroad students in Freiburg

Tips to make your study abroad trip a success

Studying abroad can be an enriching opportunity. But adapting to a new culture isn’t always easy. Students share what helped them adjust and thrive.