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Need health insurance? Not sure? Read more about SHIP

Everyone needs health insurance! Check out five reasons to choose the UW-Madison Student Health Insurance Plan, as well as some of its other benefits.

Beware of the heat — and the blue-green algae

With Madison in the midst of a steamy hot summer, UW Health physicians offer some tips. Stay hydrated, limit strenuous activities, and watch for the warning signs of heat illness. Also, many of Madison’s beaches are closed because of blue-green algae, so stay away from them.



On National HIV Testing Day, get yourself tested

Today is National HIV Testing Day. Get yourself tested to protect yourself and your partner(s). It’s important to practice safe, protected sex, avoid unsafe drug injections and get tested.

What you need to know about synthetic marijuana

Synthetic marijuana (“K2,” “Spice”) laced with rat poison recently sickened 4 people in Wisconsin. These drugs called K2/spice (or black mamba, bliss or genie) are plant materials or herbs that are laced with the active ingredient in marijuana. They may cause serious health problems.

UHS reduces barriers for transgender and gender non-conforming students

University Health Services is introducing workflow changes to reduce barriers to care for transgender and gender non-conforming students. On May 17, UHS instituted what is known as an informed consent model for care related to hormone replacement therapy.

Summer group counseling schedule at UHS

Free process groups, support groups and wellness workshops are available every week during the summer for UW students through UHS.

UHS is under construction – check to see if your appointments have moved

Construction on UHS will be done by August, but until then, Survivor Services and Blue Clinic
Mental Health Services have moved from the 7th floor. Check here for alternate locations.

Summer Health Fee lets UHS coverage continue

Any student who was enrolled during the Spring 2018 semester may continue to use University Health Services in the summer if they pay the Summer Health Fee. If you are taking classes over the summer, the Summer Health Fee is included in your tuition.

Protect your parts and your partner’s parts

Did you know that people ages 15-24 are at the greatest risk for contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI)? Be sure to visit UHS for free screening, diagnosis and treatment for most STIs.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month; embrace your voice

Ending sexual assault in our communities takes all of us, all year around. Start the conversation this April by attending a panel event of campus experts, visiting a survivor-centered art exhibit, or participating in a day-long training.