Quiz corner thinks 1956 was a pretty great year for alumni

Did you recognize this bud of Bud? (Selig, that is.) Try your luck at this week’s quiz question and win free swag.

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Quiz corner is full of bad puns and looks great with a polo-shirt tan

Did you rub Abe’s left foot for luck on this week’s quiz? How many times do you think the tour guides have told the one about the ventilation system in Humanities? Or the bodies in Science Hall? (Wait — that one really is true.)

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Quiz corner has a ‘big voice’ this week

Sending a “haho” out to Bronson Koenig and Will Decorah, two Badgers who are awesome on and off the hardwood. Did you guess right? Try, try again for free swag.

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Quiz corner (squriz scrorner?) has the scoop on free swag

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… actually, if you want ice cream at UW, all you have to do is go up to the counter, and they’ll just hand it to you without yelling at all. Great university, or the BEST university?

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Quiz corner says ‘So long, Stinktown!’

We’re not actually going anywhere; we just couldn’t resist the opportunity. If you’ve got a nose for campus trivia — or if you just want to win free stuff — this is the place! Read more »

Quiz corner thinks that some people need sequins, others don’t

Lighten up, it’s just fashion! (Also, fashionable coffee mugs.) Did your discerning eye make the right choice this week? Perhaps something a little more botanical will be to your taste.

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Quiz corner knows Carson Gulley was way more than a pie guy

Before you ask: yes, we’ve got the recipe. Did you figure out the correct answer for last week’s quiz question? Try your luck with this week’s offering. It’s a piece of cake!  Read more »

Quiz corner wants to be a Badger, so come along!

Boy badger or girl badger, it doesn’t matter: everybody loves a mascot. Did you come up with the right answer? Either way, try your luck with this week’s question!

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Quiz corner goes green — John Deere green, to be exact

As we dream of the Terrace chairs, we salute Wisconsin’s agricultural history. Also, we give out free swag. Did you win this week?

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Quiz corner is not worthy of the 2006 hockey champions…

…but you are! Check out this week’s quiz question and see if your shot on last week’s question beat the buzzer. You might just win free stuff.

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