Volunteers sought during residence hall move-out

Each year, University Housing engages students, staff, and a host of partners to donate and recycle unwanted items during move out. University Housing is asking for volunteers to help residents and their families say goodbye sustainably to items they don’t need.


Who says students can’t have start-ups?

Every startup should have an origin story, like Apple and its essential garage. A UW-Madison senior has invented a product to stop an invasive species we know all too well: Buckthorn.

Photo: Aerial view of Bascom Hill and surrounding campus

Video: Speak up about campus climate

No one knows campus better than you. Help us make UW-Madison’s campus a better place for all students by taking part in the Campus Climate Survey, before it ends on Monday. It can be accessed through an email you’ve received. 


Compliance with Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act

All members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to help make UW-Madison a drug-free place to live and learn. You can do this by learning about substance abuse, encouraging others to avoid abuse, and getting help – for yourself or someone you care about.


Quiz corner never says goodbye… just ‘see you later!’

It’s the end of the quiz as we know it, but we feel fine. Thanks for playing along — and see you in the fall!

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Quiz corner knows that victory is sweet

It’s our last question of the semester — but we bet you’re smart enough to lick the competition!

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Quiz corner loves to fly the friendly skies… of the Kohl Center

We bet you wish you could pull off sequins as well as this guy right here. Even if you’re not in a sparkly mood, you could win free swag. See, that’s still pretty exciting!

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Quiz corner thinks 1956 was a pretty great year for alumni

Did you recognize this bud of Bud? (Selig, that is.) Try your luck at this week’s quiz question and win free swag.

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Campus and Visitor Relations (CAVR) guide Lauren Roach leads a group of prospective students and their families on a campus tour past 333 East Campus Mall and the University Square complex at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during autumn on Oct. 16, 2014. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Quiz corner is full of bad puns and looks great with a polo-shirt tan

Did you rub Abe’s left foot for luck on this week’s quiz? How many times do you think the tour guides have told the one about the ventilation system in Humanities? Or the bodies in Science Hall? (Wait — that one really is true.)

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Quiz corner has a ‘big voice’ this week

Sending a “haho” out to Bronson Koenig and Will Decorah, two Badgers who are awesome on and off the hardwood. Did you guess right? Try, try again for free swag.

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