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Photo: Participant in Bucky's Workout

No excuses: 10 ways to play hard, get fit and live well — without the SERF

The SERF is closed, but that’s no excuse not to work out. Here are 10 workout options, from trying the Fitness Trail to signing up for an intramural team. Remember, working out can improve your mood, your ability to focus, the quality of your sleep, and more.

Photo: Metro bus

How to get around campus — bikes, buses and feet

Because of limited parking, students are encouraged to walk, bike and use the campus/city bus system. You’re eligible for the ASM bus pass which provides unlimited, free access to all city bus routes. Campus bus routes 80, 81, 82 and 84 are free to all.

How to Terrace responsibly

With alcohol available on the Memorial Union Terrace this summer, it’s important for UW students to keep alcohol safety in mind. Being respectful when drinking helps maintain an atmosphere where people of all ages can come and enjoy the space. Here are some tips.

Watch out for zebra mussels when you go swimming!

If you go swimming in Lake Mendota you might get cut if you make contact with broken zebra mussel shells, UW officials are warning. Zebra mussels attach to anything hard, so be careful when grabbing onto a pier post or a rock. It’s best to wear footwear with decent soles, such as water sandals or water sneakers.

UWPD warns students about phone scam

UW-Madison police have received several reports from students – mostly international ones – who report receiving a call from a UWPD officer demanding money and threatening arrest if they don’t pay. It’s a scam. Don’t pay or give personal information. Hang up immediately.

Photo: graduation cap on pile of money

Get financial aid advice at drop-in office hours

Need advice about financial aid? Advisors will be available for drop-in appointments on certain days, whether you need help completing the FAFSA, have questions about your financial aid award, or need advice on budgeting and debt.

Make a rocket and you could win $25,000

Ready your rockets! Bayer and the Big Ten Conference are calling all engineers and scientists from the nation’s Big Ten universities to make the highest launching Alka-Rocket. Students will compete for the opportunity to win $25,000 and attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the highest launch of an effervescent tablet rocket.

Need grammar advice?

Your days of being corrected by the grammar police are over. Grammar Badgers is a new website created by UW English linguistics graduate students to help students improve their grammar with videos, podcasts, quizzes and other learning tools.

Campus skyline at dusk

As temperatures rise, remember to stay safe

Warmer weather brings everyone outside after a winter of hibernating. But remember to stay safe: travel in groups, lock your apartment, and especially don’t just stare at your phone and be oblivious of your surroundings — it could make you a target.

Don’t let finals get you down — tips to fight stress

College students usually spend finals week catching up on projects or worrying about exams, but between those study periods, they need to relax and unwind. A few suggestions to de-stress during finals week this spring:

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