Pro Tips

‘We’re a culture, not a costume’

When pulling together your costume, remember that some portrayals may offend without you realizing it. The Mariachi, the Kimono princess, the kung fu master — they’re not funny to many, as they stereotype or appropriate other cultures.



Photo: Undergraduate lecture

Tutoring is only for students who are struggling? Incorrect!

Plenty of myths are harmless, like Bigfoot. But these myths about tutoring are just not true. It can actually save you time, for one, and your tutor is not going to spoon-feed you the answers.


Photo: student voting

Video: It’s time to make your voice heard

Election Day is fast approaching, but you’ll hit a roadblock on your way to the polls if you’re not properly registered to vote. Watch to learn more. Related:  UW-Madison joins ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge


Set up UW email/calendar on desktop or mobile

Stay connected at all times. You can easily access your UW–Madison email and calendar using your web browser, or by using your desktop client or mobile device. Check it out here.

DoIT: Tech tips, tricks, freebies and reminders to send you into summer

Whether you’re drowning in finals, looking forward to graduation or wondering what you’re going to do with all your summer free time, we’ve got some helpful technology tips for you.

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Because sometimes it IS rocket science… ask a trainer!

As the semester winds down, assignments start piling up. Need a hand to make your project really shine? Stop by the DesignLab to Ask a Trainer for your presentation, video, report, graphic or other techy projects.

DoIT: Must-haves for keeping your info safe

Learn how to back up, secure and store all your most important information at a free DoIT workshop.

Cool photo! Can I use it?

While it’s easy to copy and paste images online, viewing content is very different than having the right to reuse that content. Make sure you’re not violating copyright laws if you choose to use them in your work.

Sleep is the key to success this finals season

It’s tempting to pull an all-nighter when work starts piling up, but don’t chug that coffee just yet! You’ll be more productive — and much happier — if you don’t slack off on sleep. These tips from UHS will help you make the most of your ZZZs during finals.

Getting started with Clutter (the Office 365 kind)

Have you noticed a new folder cluttering up your list of Outlook email folders? When turned on, this new feature learns your email reading habits and moves less important emails (typically ads and mailing list messages) into a Clutter folder.