Off Campus

Summer sizzle: Eight students and their red-hot internships

What did you do with your summer? These eight UW-Madison students had intriguing internships. One helped prepare for the Olympics in Japan; another helped remodel LaGuardia airport in New York City; a third worked at the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia. Find out how you can get your ideal internship.

A mangle board, of course: Student research fills in blanks at museum

A wafer iron used to make krumkake, a rosemåled pair of shoes, a Norwegian mangle board. Students of art history professor Ann Smart Martin researched dozens of artifacts brought here by Scandinavian immigrants to prepare for the Mount Horeb Area Historical Society’s new museum, which opened in June.

Celebrate Native dance, song, art and food at Powwow

The 48th On Wisconsin Annual Spring Powwow is Saturday and Sunday, April 1-2, at the Alliant Energy Center Arena. It provides an opportunity to learn about the culture of people indigenous to this area, and it’s free and open to the public.


No potions, no disappearing acts, and stick with the wolf pack

It’s the most wonderful time of year in Madison: Halloween. With hordes of new people flocking in to celebrate and throngs of masks crowding the streets, it’s important to keep safety in mind.

Big muscles to go with their big brains

Two well-rounded Badger scientists are showing their athleticism on a national stage. Both are researchers at the Morgridge Institute; they competed in ESPN’s BattleFrog obstacle course and “American Ninja Warrior.”


Badgers, Badgers everywhere

There are 72 counties in Wisconsin, and Badgers are contributing to every single one of them. A new billboard campaign shares the stories of current and former students – like McKenzie Capouch of Ettrick – who are making their hometowns a better place.

Law student works with teens to resolve conflicts, build community

Brandon Tillman, a law student at UW, uses his knowledge of restorative justice to help high schoolers build community. He uses conflict resolution, mentorships and even bubbles to keep students at Memorial High School active and engaged.

UW alum, ‘Workaholic’ Anders Holm bets on himself — and wins

If you think that Anders Holm is everywhere these days, you’re right. A combination of hard work and a few lucky breaks has put the writer-actor, a 2003 alumnus of UW-Madison, in the spotlight.

Forward Under 40 honors young alums making an impact

What can you do to change the world in the next 10-15 years? Probably more than you think. Meet the eight young, inspirational UW alumni who are receiving this year’s Forward Under 40 Award from the WAA.

Oscar-winning alumna Nicole Rocklin takes turn in the ‘Spotlight’

Days after winning an Oscar, life isn’t that different for Nicole Rocklin. “I woke up and had to make my kid breakfast and sweep the floor,” she says. Rocklin is one of the producers of the movie “Spotlight,” which won Best Picture at the Academy Awards Feb. 28.