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Wisconsin State Journal features UW Memes

Have you visited the UW-Madison Memes for Milk-Chugging Teens group on Facebook? Wisconsin State Journal selected a few of their favorite memes that only UW-Madison students will be able to understand.

Wiscopinion: What’s something you love that everyone you know hates?

Two weeks ago, we asked you what you couldn’t live without — 43 percent of you said your phone. This week, we want to know one thing that you love, but most of your friends really hate. Is it watching reality TV? Using bae in a sentence? Pineapple on your pizza?

Video: Students on the Street — are you for or against Valentine’s Day?

Depending on the person, Valentine’s Day can be a time of love or frustration. We asked students how they feel about the iconic holiday. From being happy to get gifts to being annoyed at the commercialization, here are some thoughts from your fellow students.

Wiscopinion: What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Your pet? Your phone? Coffee? This week we want to know what you couldn’t live without. We’re still reading through the responses from last week’s question about what you’d like to see most improved at UW — you can still respond if you’re interested. Answer to be eligible for a $25 gift certificate to the University Bookstore.

Photo: campus at dawn on cold day

Wiscopinion: What’s the one thing you most want improved at UW-Madison?

Last week we asked: What’s the most underutilized campus academic resource? In first place was interaction with faculty or TAs, with 33 percent. This week we’re asking: What is one thing that you most want improved at UW-Madison?


Cartoon contest depicts bioethical issues — vote for the best cartoon

Professor Pilar Ossorio and colleagues wanted to find a way to help people engage more with bioethical subjects. The result is this cartoon contest that lets students portray ethical dilemmas in a creative way. You can vote for your favorite until Jan. 31.

Summer Courses to serve more students

If you have yet to spend a summer in Madison 2018 might be the year. Summer courses offer students to stay on track with their academic plan and graduate on time. Summer scholarships are available for undergraduate students. Enrollment begins on April 2nd.

Video: Our favorite memories from the Unions this past year

What do Jesse McCartney, pottery, music and kayaking all have in common? All were made possible at UW–Madison this year because of the Wisconsin Union. Take a look back at some of the highlights from the year in this video.

A look back at 2017 through our favorite photos

It was an emotional year at UW–Madison. We mourned, we celebrated. We looked forward to the expected and delighted in things we didn’t see coming. University Communications photographers capture these emotions every day, and each year we ask them to share their favorites. Here they are.

Wiscopinion: What are you most looking forward to over break?

Last week we asked you about how you deal with setbacks — most of you turn to your friends, family, co-workers or members of your community. This week we want to know what you’re most looking forward to over winter break. What’s your Wiscopinion?