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Beyond the library: Best study spots for summer class

Summer brings a whole new array of beautiful study spots to enjoy — here are the best places to learn while enjoying the lazy beauty of a Madison summer. Also, tell us your favorites in the survey at the bottom for your chance to win some Badger swag.

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Video: It’s been a good year!

In the final Free Rant Friday of this academic year, Cynthia Liu gets all mushy and admits that she really enjoyed her freshman year. And she thanks all those who helped her. Stay tuned for the outtakes!

Academic societies honor top students

These Badgers have been using their heads. Phi Kappa Phi has inducted more than 60 students, and Phi Beta Kappa has inducted 144 students. These academic societies choose the most outstanding students, so take a look here and here to see who got in.


Bucky List, part II: Your ideas

Last week we gave you a list of items to check off your Bucky List before you graduate. But students submitted plenty of ideas of things to add to the list, including one essential: eating cheese curds. And here they are: Read more »

Video: Are you a yes man, or a leader, or just MIA?

Another rant from Cynthia Liu, whose classes are PILING on the group projects. It’s important to work well with others, but group projects always seem to generate drama. Luckily, she’s identified three key group-project personalities.

Video: What’s all that green stuff?

Has it been too long since you’ve seen green grass, leafy trees ruffled by warm breezes and blue skies? Take a look at this aerial video of campus, made last summer, and realize – spring is almost here!

You ask, Bucky answers

Ask Bucky, the university’s chat, search and email service, celebrates 20 years of answering questions. Campus and Visitor Relations invites you to enter to win a $200 University Book Store gift card. And take their quiz to see how well you know campus.


Photo: Sesame Street characters Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and Elmo

K is for Kindness

The popular children’s show ‘Sesame Street’ has begun teaching kindness, with the help of UW. “Providing parents and teachers the tools and resources they need to help instill kindness and empathy in their children is at the core of Sesame’s mission.”

Don’t ignore those light bulbs going on!

Do you have a great idea — an invention, a business or even an app? UW-Madison has several competitions to help you make them a reality. Awards are made during Innovation Days in the spring, but you need to get started now with entries.


What’s it like to shoot through a tube at 760 mph?

The UW-Madison Badgerloop team will reveal its Hyperloop pod for SpaceX’s track at an open house from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 6, in the Discovery Building. Try out the tube-based, high-speed transport through a virtual reality station.