Video: Badger Caring Closet helps students in need

The Badger Caring Closet works to ease the financial burden of daily necessities by providing supplies at no cost to students in need. It has everything from clothing to notebooks to shampoo.

Photo: International flags

Candidates to interview for director of International Student Services

Three candidates will visit campus soon to interview for the Assistant Dean and Director of International Student Services position. Each candidate will have a public presentation followed by a question-and-answer session, and all students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to attend.


Tombstones tell tales of the Roman empire

History major Tristan Krause is finding clues to the history of ancient Rome in an unusual place: tombstone inscriptions. Krause is researching a Roman legionary cemetery in Apamea, Syria, that contains more than 100 tombstones dating from roughly 195 to 250.

Transcend Madison winner tests the water with new technology

Transcend Madison 2017, UW’s student-run innovation competition, happens today and Thursday at the Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery. And the stakes are high: The winner of last year’s competition is about to graduate and work full-time running the company he started as an undergraduate.

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Making art inspired by the natural world

Peter Krsko makes art inspired by science and nature, drawing on the efficient beauty of spreading tree roots, for instance, and hexagonal cavities in bee honeycombs. As artist in residence, he’s spreading that art around campus.



A coach, of sorts, to guide you through financial aid steps

The Office of Student Financial Aid has a new website geared to students applying for and receiving financial aid for this upcoming 2017-18 academic year. It takes you through the process, step by step. Check it out.

Photo: Rebecca Blank

Chancellor: Our Wisconsin expanding to serve all new students

Our Wisconsin invites students to “lead the Badger Way” by fostering an environment of inclusion and respect. Chancellor Blank shares highlights of the program’s first year and how it will reach more students beginning this summer.

Photo: Microscopic image of bacteria

Microbiology students assigned to correct misconceptions

A microbiology instructor challenged her students to take what they’re learning outside the classroom and help people discover that what they think they know about science may be wrong. Here’s how one student followed through.

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Photo: Award ribbon

Meet 2017’s top TAs

These teaching assistants make a difference every day, whether in the classroom, in the field or in community outreach and service. Meet the award-winners and learn more about what inspires them.

Video: Philip Denis uses passion to blaze ‘Pathways’

Philip Denís, a graduate student and advisor at UW–Madison, discusses his work for Pathways to Educational Achievement, cultivating ‘my own Wisconsin experience” and raising his children in the Badger community.