Photo: Microscopic image of bacteria

Microbiology students assigned to correct misconceptions

A microbiology instructor challenged her students to take what they’re learning outside the classroom and help people discover that what they think they know about science may be wrong. Here’s how one student followed through.

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Photo: Award ribbon

Meet 2017’s top TAs

These teaching assistants make a difference every day, whether in the classroom, in the field or in community outreach and service. Meet the award-winners and learn more about what inspires them.

Video: Philip Denis uses passion to blaze ‘Pathways’

Philip Denís, a graduate student and advisor at UW–Madison, discusses his work for Pathways to Educational Achievement, cultivating ‘my own Wisconsin experience” and raising his children in the Badger community.

Video: I calculate, therefore I am: Mixing math and philosophy

By double majoring in math and philosophy, Hannah DeBrine says she learns both kinds of truth: Logical truth, and individual people’s truth. Even if a good philosophy class ends with more confusion than it started with.



Photo: Students working with power tools

Video: Building the future of transportation

It’s not easy to build a pod that will move at 200 mph through a vacuum tube. A group of UW students is creating Badgerloop, which is competing in Elon Musk’s SpaceX Hyperloop design competition. The team will race the pod on a test track later this month.


Photo: Memorial Library stacks

Go Big Read is looking for a book

Next year’s Go Big Read program is looking for a book, one with a contemporary theme that will lend itself to discussion. Students and others  are encouraged to recommend titles by Jan. 22. To suggest a book, visit here.


Photo: Students in crowded lecture

Program lets you create ‘public humanities projects’

Undergraduates who enroll in a new program will undertake “public humanities projects” to meet community needs. The Public Humanities Exchange for Undergraduates (HEX-U) will begin in the spring.

Are you ready to rant?

Want to blow off some steam? Watch Free Rant Friday, Badgers! In this occasional series, Cynthia Liu will vocalize all of student life’s irritations. In the first episode, she rants about how hard it is to find your core squad during freshman year.


Proud Freshman Badger

She turned down Harvard to come to UW-Madison, and Dahlia Tesfamichael has no regrets. It’s close to her family in Milwaukee, her brother’s also a student here, and  “across the board in almost all fields, all areas, is excellence.”

Vote for new commencement gown; finalists show Badger pride

The Senior Class Officers of 2016-2017 have been working with the Office of the Chancellor and the University Book Store to redesign the cap and gown worn at commencement. Check out the final three designs, and vote for one by Friday.