Photo: Students in crowded lecture

Program lets you create ‘public humanities projects’

Undergraduates who enroll in a new program will undertake “public humanities projects” to meet community needs. The Public Humanities Exchange for Undergraduates (HEX-U) will begin in the spring.


Are you ready to rant?

Want to blow off some steam? Watch Free Rant Friday, Badgers! In this occasional series, Cynthia Liu will vocalize all of student life’s irritations. In the first episode, she rants about how hard it is to find your core squad during freshman year.



Proud Freshman Badger

She turned down Harvard to come to UW-Madison, and Dahlia Tesfamichael has no regrets. It’s close to her family in Milwaukee, her brother’s also a student here, and  “across the board in almost all fields, all areas, is excellence.”


Vote for new commencement gown; finalists show Badger pride

The Senior Class Officers of 2016-2017 have been working with the Office of the Chancellor and the University Book Store to redesign the cap and gown worn at commencement. Check out the final three designs, and vote for one by Friday.


Help a friend in need with the 3 D’s: Delegate, distract, direct

A full 84 percent of Badgers want help when they’ve had too much to drink — and you can be the friend they can count on. Here are three simple ways: Delegate, distract, direct. Check out this video from University Health Services.


UW journal of undergraduate research publishes first issue

Undergraduates conducting research now have a new way to publish their work, thanks to the entirely student-run Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology (JUST).


Video: Get your smile on — and help others in the process

Four UW-Madison students have started a clothing company that hopes to become a social movement. By selling apparel, they’re encouraging people to be happy. They’re also helping to fund dental care for children who cannot afford it.


Video: Let it Flo with WSUM and DJ Floarin Ajibade

You won’t find WSUM’s mix of music anywhere else. Meet one of the creative minds who makes that happen: junior Floarin Ajibade, one of the student DJs at the university’s award-winning student radio station.


New course focuses on wood, pollen — and contraband

Have you ever thought that pollen could help a coroner solve a mystery, or wondered how to analyze wood found inside a saber-toothed tiger skull? Forensic Botany focuses on science as problem solving, but also fills utterly practical needs.


Science Writer in Residence is well-traveled journalist

She’s trekked the world, from Guatemala to Iceland, from China to the North Pole, all in the name of communicating science. And now, the award-winning Alexandra “Alex” Witze will be in Madison as UW-Madison’s spring 2016 Science Writer in Residence.