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Photo: Hand holding American Family Insurance card

Sponsored: American Family supporting Rec Sports

American Family Insurance will be the first “pillar partner” of the Division of Rec Sports in the next phase of its campus partnership. With the Near West playing fields completed, American Family’s sponsorship is already helping students directly, and will encompass several other projects going forward.

UW students help run World Dairy Expo

About 100 UW–Madison undergrads worked at the 2017 World Dairy Expo to make the annual event a success. From decorating the show ring to maintaining the grounds to grilling thousands of grilled cheese sandwiches, these students know how to work.

You are not alone: Services for students affected by natural disaster

If you’ve been affected by recent hurricanes Irma, Harvey, or Maria, or by the earthquake that struck Mexico last week, there are many campus resources available for you. And know that as a campus, our thoughts, hearts, and positive energies are with you and your families.

Photo: student loan application

Got a Perkins loan? Read this!

Are you a student that receives the Federal Perkins Loan? The program is scheduled to end on Sept. 30 and all fall disbursements must happen prior to this date or your 2017-18 Federal Perkins Loan will be cancelled and cannot be reinstated. Students must accept it and sign a promissory note by Sept. 22.


Students go after invasive weeds in Lakeshore preserve

Six student volunteers are helping pare back invasive weeds in the Lakeshore Nature Preserve while also advancing research on how to best control invasive species in disturbed environments. Weeds like Canada thistle and garlic mustard are the target.

Cannibalistic caterpillars — who knew?

Caterpillars are supposed to be herbivores, but when the going gets tough, UW researchers found that caterpillars can end up eating each other. Plants can use certain chemicals to make themselves taste so bad not even a hungry caterpillar will munch on them. Click here to see video evidence.

Koenig: I’ll ‘sacrifice everything extra … for the pursuit of this game’

Badgers basketball star Bronson Koenig is seriously ready for the NBA, as this story he wrote for the Player’s Tribune before last week’s draft makes clear. Neither Koenig nor Nigel Hayes was drafted, but both signed free-agent contracts with NBA teams — Koenig with the Bucks and Hayes with the Knicks.

UW-Madison junior has clothing company — and it’s got wings

“One day I was sitting on my couch, not doing my ACT homework, and thought ‘I’m going to start a clothing brand and it’s going to be all about being a good person and everything is going to have angel wings!’”

Campus response to protests aims to protect free speech for all

You’ve heard a lot in the news lately about protests against speakers on college campuses. UW-Madison works to ensure all sides can have their say.

Student research: It’s already making a difference

Do children learn more from eBooks or print books? How do you get people to recycle the proper materials? These are among the student research topics presented at the 2017 Undergraduate Symposium.