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Reunion of ‘60s activists imparts lessons to millennials about change

What can a reunion of 1960s UW-Madison activists teach today’s students? That nonviolent resistance is still the best way to implement change. The basic principles – symbolic protest and civil disobedience – were flexible enough to counter wars and racism.

Fact-checking course and news website separates truth from spin

Learn to spot fake news! A journalism fact-checking class and its news site, The Observatory, helps students find the truth among all the claims, attacks and spin.


VIDEO: David Muir checks in on the local goods that help make Wisconsin great

ABC News’ David Muir didn’t come to Madison just to deliver his commencement speech — he also discovered some of the city’s best local businesses, including Mickies Dairy Bar. Check out his news segment featured on “ABC World News Tonight.”

Neglected donkey gets artificial leg after rare amputation at UW

Samantha Morello, a veterinarian at UW-Madison’s School of Veterinary Medicine, performed the first amputation with a prosthesis at UW’s large animal hospital. She amputated part of the animal’s leg and a prosthetist fit him with an artificial limb.

UniverCity has students seek answers to real-world problems

UW–Madison’s UniverCity Year program directed 305 students and 16 faculty members across 11 departments to come up with ways to address Dane County’s housing gap, improve economic development, and protect its water quality. Next up? Green County.

Employees honored for the support of students

Eight UW-Madison staff members have been recognized for their dedication and commitment to the students by the Student Personnel Association (SPA). We appreciate them for going above and beyond in their respective roles.

Photo: UW-Madison W-crest logo

Students win Fulbright, Udall, other awards

Eighteen students were selected to receive grants for study and research through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program, and two others have been named 2018 Udall Scholars. Chancellor Blank congratulates all the award winners.

D2P project becomes career for UW–Madison student

Shawn Michels invented “Steady Shot,” an insulin pen that allows for one-handed injections, to help himself and other diabetes patients. Now it’s being prepared for the market.

Remembering our lost classmates

A memorial service to honor students who passed away during the academic year will take place at 12:30 p.m. Friday, May 4, beginning at the School of Education and ending at Muir Knoll. The 12 honorees will be missed by family, friends and the entire UW-Madison community.

Tomorrow: Ask UW scientists about the origins of the universe on Reddit

Ever wondered what it’s like to unearth a long-buried human ancestor? Or to peer into the night sky to discover the mysteries of galaxy evolution? The UW scientists behind the Origins project will be available to answer these questions and more in an Ask Me Anything Q&A on Reddit Thursday at noon.