Campus Life

Meet the new CfLI director

Mark Kueppers is the new assistant dean/director for the Center for Leadership & Involvement. CfLI’s focus is to assist students in intentionally connecting with the far-ranging opportunities on campus.

Bucky on Parade feature: Jeanne Burgess

Artist Jeanne Burgess created “Leckrone’s Stop at the Top” for Bucky on Parade, a public art project, in honor of Mike Leckrone, who has tirelessly directed the UW Marching Band since 1969.

Camp Randall Movie Night has been cancelled

Unfortunately, due to a recently discovered mechanical problem at Camp Randall Stadium, the Friday, June 15, event has been cancelled. The event will not be rescheduled.

Barbershop health center broads efforts to reduce health disparities with new grant

Aaron Perry, a former UW–Madison police officer, has spent years unraveling the complex relationship between black men and the world-class health care system in Dane County. With funding from UW, he will expand his barbershop health center.

Bucky on Parade feature: Philip Salamone

Read about artists Philip Salamone and Sarah Gerg’s anatomically detailed “Visible Bucky” as part of our weekly series featuring the artists of the Bucky on Parade statues.

TEAM Lab provides hands-on learning experience in modern machine shop

The College of Engineering’s TEAM Lab teaches students machining, woodworking and welding, as well as how to safely use equipment. Not only does it provide students with hands-on experience in the creation of innovative projects, it shapes them into “more competent and well-rounded engineers,” says instrument maker Paul Kijak.

9 ways to meet new people on campus this summer

If you’re here for the summer but some of your friends aren’t, now is a great time to meet new people. This list shares some easy ways to do that. Terrace Open Mic, anyone?

Senior auditors take UW classes for love of learning

Have you ever wanted to know the stories of the older people who attend your lectures? Read more to find out why senior auditors, while decades older than most students, are still in love with learning.

Studying yeast – and tasting it in bread, beverages

A strain of yeast discovered in a Sheboygan park is being tried in both bread and beer in UW-Madison classrooms, with the help of industry partners. There’s plenty of science involved, but one question to be answered: How does it taste?

UW student named Newman Civic Fellow for high school outreach program

As a first-generation college student, Wendy Hoang wanted to show high school students from similar backgrounds that college is an attainable goal, so she started a program to bring them to campus. It’s earned her a national fellowship.