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Help wanted: Jobs available for information guides

Information guides help answer questions about campus for students, staff, prospective students and other visitors at the Campus Community Information Welcome Desks — and get they paid to do it. If sitting at a desk isn’t your style, you can also apply to be a campus tour guide. Apply by 9 a.m. on Friday, July 28.

Are refillable water bottles really more sustainable?

Last fall, University Housing gave housing residents a free water bottle in an effort to make campus more sustainable. Now they’re doing research to find out more about these refillable water bottles. Do students use the water bottles? If not, what happens? In terms of energy, do refillable bottles compare well to bottled water?


Check out the new mural at the Chazen!

Created in Paris, shipped across the Atlantic and installed last week, a monumental new mural by iconic American artist Jim Dine is now on view permanently at the Chazen Museum of Art. The work was created specifically for the museum’s ancient gallery.


Opening the nation’s wild places to all

America’s national and state parks, forests and preserves are there for all, but not everyone takes advantage of them. A summer course, “Outdoors for All,” explores efforts to make outdoor recreation and environmental conservation more inclusive.

Last chance to register for summer intramurals!

Rec Sports is offering leagues for flag football, basketball, sand volleyball, soccer, softball and ultimate frisbee. Be among the first to play at the brand new Near West turf fields and try to earn that championship shirt you’ve always wanted. Purchase a summer IM pass for $5 and get access to all sports. Register before 11:45 p.m. tonight!

Opening the nation’s wild places to all

National and state parks, forests, and wildness areas are for everyone in the U.S., but minority populations use them less often. A new summer course called Outdoors for All will examine why this “adventure gap” exists and how to make things more inclusive.


Photo: Soccer players on field

RecSports updates: Register for summer sports, new field open

To enjoy the most of UW’s summer sports opportunities, stay up to date with RecSports. Registration is now open for all summer intramurals! Make sure to sign up before Tuesday, June 13 at 12 a.m. Another way to get your summer sports fix is at the newly opened Near West field, located directly west of the Nat.

Photo: Union South

Get familiar with summer hours

Most places on campus have different hours during the summer. Make sure you know when things are open! Click the following links to find out the summer hours for UW’s dining halls, libraries, gyms and unions.

Photo: UW banner in front of Capitol

A look at campus diversity efforts

From Our Wisconsin to the first-ever campus climate survey, a lot has happened this year to promote a more welcoming, inclusive campus community. Vice Provosts Lori Berquam and Patrick J. Sims reflect on the progress and the work still to come.

Speaker: You have to be your own ignition

“I’ve learned to be kind since moving to Madison because everyone in this community is really friendly. And being friendly can go a long way,” says Martin Weiss, one of Saturday’s commencement speakers.