Campus Life Spotlight

World Emoji Day? Here’s your emoji guide to UW–Madison

Texting your friend but don’t have time to spell out “Hagenah Fountain?” In honor of Tuesday’s World Emoji Day, try this handy emoji guide for all things related to Wisconsin.

UW Making Comics course promotes creativity, self-expression through art and writing

Art 448: Making Comics — now being offered during summer term — focuses on the art and practice of making comics. Beyond learning how to create comics content, students also gain skills that are imperative to promoting creativity and self-expression.

Bucky on Parade feature: Brooke Wentland

Brooke Wentland, who created “Baller Bucky,” said her biggest challenge was creating the basketball that is under Bucky’s arm. “The basketball is a foam sphere covered with real basketball skins. I cut apart three real basketballs to put them back together to create it.”

Bucky on Parade feature: Julie Hustad

Artist Julie Hustad created “Bucky como se Picasso” for Bucky on Parade, a public art project, as an homage to Picasso. The statue’s current home is outside of the Chazen Museum.

Photo: Students sitting along lakeshore looking at blue lake and blue sky

8 ways to enjoy Lake Mendota and Lake Monona this summer

With UW summer in full swing, the days are hot — but luckily — the water in Lake Mendota and Lake Monona is cool. Whether you’re looking to cool off in the heat or get some exercise outdoors, here is a list of eight ways to enjoy the lakes this summer.

How Bucky Badger spends his #UWSummer

Everybody’s favorite mascot has been popping up around town this summer to do what he does best: striking dramatic poses, high-fiving awestruck fans and whipping up enthusiasm for the world’s greatest university. Bucky is one busy Badger! Here’s a sampling of his jam-packed summer schedule.

Five exercises to transform Bascom Hill into your own personal gym this summer

Measuring 850 feet long and, from the Park Street sidewalk to the base of the Lincoln statue, 86 feet tall, Bascom Hill as steep and long as it is picturesque. And, as evidenced by the unfortunate sweat stains in your 7:30 a.m. lecture, it’s a good workout. With these five exercises, it could also be your new gym.

Travel back in time with these vintage Summer Term photos

Feeling nostalgic? Blast to the past and see how students throughout the 20th century participated in Summer Term with throwback photos from UW–Madison Libraries’ Digital Collections.

Commencement 2018: Speaker starts off with Mickey’s breakfast, then inspires grads

Nearly 7,500 students participated in weekend graduation exercises on May 11 and 12. The featured speaker – ABC news anchor David’s Muir – got his day off to a traditional Madison start with breakfast at Mickeys Dairy Bar with Chancellor Rebecca Blank. And it didn’t rain! See the photos here.

Bucky is officially on parade all around Dane County

On Monday, 85 statues of Bucky Badger, including 15 on campus, were unveiled as a part of the “Bucky on Parade” project. Hear from some of the artists behind the statues. Plus, here’s a map of where to find them on campus and downtown.