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A new semester, a fresh start: Tips on doing it right

Often, it’s the simple things that make for a semester of productive learning and good grades: Get plenty of sleep, read the syllabus, make a friend in class to study with. Here are some tips.

Dean Berquam welcomes students back, attempts to hit Becky with snowball

The spring semester has begun and Dean of Students Lori Berquam wants to encourage you to use college as a time to try new things. Start this off by attending some Wisconsin Welcome events! Something Berquam has wanted to try is throwing the first snowball in the Battle of Bascom — check out her attempt in this video.

Actor, model and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco coming to campus next week

From winning “Dancing with the Stars” or acting in “Switched at Birth,” Nyle DiMarco achieves whatever he sets his mind to. On Tuesday, Jan. 30, he’s coming to campus to talk about his experiences as a deaf man and his advocacy for the deaf community.

New ‘SERF’ will be called ‘Nick,’ inspired by donors

The Nicholas Recreation Center, “Nick” for short, will be built with the help of a $20 million lead gift in honor of the late Albert “Ab” Nicholas, made by his wife, Nancy, and their family. To make way for it, demolition of the SERF is in full force.

February kicks off Black History Month

Throughout the month there will be a number of events taking place across campus. From films to fitness classes, free screenings, workshops, and more! A highlight is ‘In Conversation with Lena Waithe‘ she will be at Union South on February 13th, sharing her unique perspective and challenging the audience to think outside the box.

Photo: Students in crowded lecture

Now’s the time: Tips for starting spring semester strong

Top tips on getting a good start on the semester. Setting goals and getting organized early are sure to make the rest of your semester much more enjoyable.

Photo: Student pointing at poster

Undergrad Symposium

Proposals are no being accepted until March, 1st and the annual symposium will take place on Friday, April 13th.  The symposium provides the opportunity for students to display, perform, discuss, or present their work in a professional setting.

Student to student: Winter break expectations vs. reality

You probably have some expectations going into break, but a lot of times reality shreds them apart. Here are a few likely scenarios.

This holiday season, learn a little about how fellow students celebrate

As some students celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, the holiday season is still to come for those of other faiths. From feasts to fireworks, students share how they and their families mark some pretty amazing holidays. Learn more about them!

So long SERF — thanks for the memories!

In 34 years, the Southeast Recreational Facility has served more than 20 million people. Last week, demolition began. Take a look back at the best memories of the facility and get a preview of the new one that’s to come.