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Gold-medal Olympic hockey game will have lots of Badgers

When Team USA and Team Canada face off in tonight’s gold medal women’s hockey game at the PyeongChang Olympics, they’ll see red. There are four former Badgers on Team USA, and five on Team Canada. Watch the game tonight at the Sett and Der Skiftskeller.

Photo: Rock climber at Union South

Tomorrow is #ActiveBadger Day — get movin’!

As a part of #ActiveBadger Day Feb. 22, Rec Sports is offering a full day of (mostly) free opportunities to “Play Hard. Get Fit. Live Well.” From log rolling to a dance party, bowling to a snowshoe trek, there are plenty of options for you to get up and get moving.

Roses are red; write a love poem this Valentine’s Day

Still in need of a gift for your loved one? Why not write a poem? Poetry is a creative way to express yourself. Read some tips from a UW English professor, including “finding what’s precisely true about your love instead of settling for vague compliments.”

Forum praises #MeToo, calls for men to step up

A panel of experts took on gender bias and inequities at a UW–Madison forum last week. Panelists talked about the importance of empowering women and having men step up and help work toward gender equality.

Producer, actress Lena Waithe meets with students

Emmy Award-winning screenwriter, producer, and actress Lena Waithe met with students and gave a speech at Union South Tuesday night, as keynote speaker for Black History Month. Check out pictures of her visit.

Dozens of UW students take part in the broomball tournament during the Hoofers Winter Carnival on Feb. 4, 2017. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

Winter is here — so get out and enjoy it at the Hoofers Winter Carnival

This week is the annual Hoofers Winter Carnival, the perfect chance to embrace winter. From broomball to sleigh rides to pond hockey to snowball and kite making, there’s an activity for everyone to enjoy.

VIDEO: Hear the restored narrative of early black students on campus

As a part of Black History Month, learn about the protests of of black students at UW-Madison and UW-Oshkosh from 1969-1973, as they sought better treatment and black spaces on campus. See how this history is being restored in this short film, “Voices.”

The Badger fans’ guide to the 2018 Winter Olympics

Fourteen current or former Badgers will play or coach hockey in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games — read about them here. The Olympics are being hosted in Pyeongchang, South Korea, starting on Friday.

Black History Month 2018: Reclaiming Blackness

Black History Month kicks off Thursday with #BlackOclock, which calls for wearing all black in solidarity with black students at UW-Madison. Another highlight is the Feb. 13 keynote speech by screenwriter, producer and actress Lena Waithe.

Summer term: Learning under sunny skies

Some things will be new for summer term 2018: a four-week session, more scholarship funding, more online courses and more hands-on courses. Some stay the same: A relaxed atmosphere, a spot on the Terrace and perfect weather. The course guide is now available.