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Cheap ways to have fun this summer

Madison summers have a lot to offer, but the cost can add up. Here’s a list of free and inexpensive activities you can do to have that summer of adventure without breaking the bank.

Photo: Wisconsin banner at football game

Football tickets go on sale next week!

UW students can purchase 2017 season football tickets starting Monday, June 12, at 7:30 a.m. Student section season tickets for all seven home games are $168, with a $20 processing fee. Be sure to get yours before they sell out!



What class are you taking this summer?

Some students take Summer Term courses to satisfy a requirement in a short timeframe. Some prefer to focus on a difficult subject with no other classes to distract them. And some just want to pursue a passion in the loveliest setting imaginable: the UW-Madison campus in summertime. Here’s what six students are taking this summer and why:

Welcome to your UW-Madison summer

Summer is a special time at UW-Madison. You can chill on the Terrace while advancing your degree at a leisurely pace. Even if you’re taking an online course from out of town, you can still have an academic breakthrough without the pressure of a full course load. What are students looking forward to at the start of Summer Term 2017?

Photo: Pink flamingos on Bascom Hill

Meet the guy behind all those flamingos

They’ve become iconic: Pink flamingos blanketing Bascom Hill. The Statue of Liberty peeking out from Lake Mendota. A new exhibition takes a look at the man behind these clever pranks — former student government leader Leon Varjian.

Help others and gain experience: Summer volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to serve the Madison community and gain valuable experience. Learn more about how to sign up for Badger Volunteers and 10 close-to-campus volunteer opportunities you can apply for this summer.

Nigel: Don’t just shut up and play

Badger forward and all-around solid guy Nigel Hayes is graduating Saturday, meaning we won’t see him in red anymore. But he’s leaving us with some excellent advice, and as always, he’s not afraid to stand up for his beliefs.

Photo: graduation cap on pile of money

Free help on your way to financial wellness

UW-Madison teamed up with Salt, a program created by the nonprofit organization American Student Assistance, to help students become financially savvy. The program allows students to create a free account that helps them budget.

A thank-you letter to UW-Madison, from a graduating senior

Saying goodbye to the one you love can be hard. The Weekly’s own Kelsey O’Hara, who graduates Saturday, has a few parting thoughts.

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Photo: Student trying out to be Bucky Badger

Becoming Bucky: It’s about way more than pushups

It ain’t easy being Bucky. Fourteen students tried out for the role of Bucky Badger at a three-night audition recently, proving their creativity, strength and humor. See what they had to endure.