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13 thoughts you’ve had during midterm season — and some tips!

Spring break is coming up soon, but until then it’s a stressful week and a half — in the middle of midterm season. Here are 13 things that have probably run through your head during this tense time, and some stress-relief resources.

Student Profiles: Jamie Dawson and Jonny Vannucci

Jamie Dawson has used her background in spoken word and music as a launchpad to explore new knowledge. Jonny Vannucci has used his time in student government, and internships in Washington, D.C. and overseas, to shape a possible future in diplomacy.

Photo: Vote button

Here’s what you need to know to vote on April 3

Voter registration and early voting are available at three sites on campus next week, for the April 3 election. At stake are a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice seat, a referendum to eliminate the state treasurer’s office, and judicial, educational and municipal offices.

Spring Graduation checklist

With just over two months until graduation day it’s time crunch to make sure you have everything set for your graduation date. Ensure that you have applied to graduate, invited your family and friends and have your graduation day attire ordered.

Wiscopinion: How do you want to receive UW–Madison news?

Last week we asked you what TV channel you preferred in the space outside of the Rathskeller — the most requested channel was news. This week, we want you to rank the ways you would prefer the university to communicate news and events to you. Answer for a chance to win a $25 gift card to the University Bookstore.

Tune into a class on podcasts

In the past few years, the popularity of podcasts has been growing rapidly. Now, 40 percent of people in the U.S. have listened to a podcast. Check out this class that explores making of this audio art form and the place of podcasts in history.

Our Wisconsin program has increased respect for diversity among students

In its second year, the Our Wisconsin inclusion program expanded four-fold to 4,332 students, and survey results suggest it is increasing respect for diversity on campus. For instance, more students say they’ll speak up when a biased comment is made.

Photo: Exterior of Memorial Union

Wiscopinion: What TV channel should be on in Memorial Union?

Last week we asked students what they love that everyone they know hates. Answers ranged from yellow Starbursts to snow to the smell of roadkill skunks. This week the Union is asking what TV channel to display in Gekas Commons in Memorial Union.

Photo: graduate in cap and gown

OK, you’re graduating. What happens next?

For students in their last semester or two here at UW–Madison, graduation will arrive before you know it. What’s next? A look at how to prepare for your post-graduation options. Also, a look at one student’s mock interview

VIDEO: Meet your spring commencement speaker

Who is this year’s spring commencement speaker? Here’s a hint: He’s traveled the globe and interviewed Presidents Obama and Trump.