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How to learn a language in eight weeks

During summer, UW-Madison’s language institutes offer intensive programs that surround students with the language and culture of a faraway place. The key difference from studying abroad? The learning takes place on the campus you call home.

Top 10 air-conditioned places to binge watch shows — oh, and study

If you don’t have air-conditioning in your Madison apartment, your dreams of catching up on popular TV series this summer might be a bit of a challenge. Read this list to find the most comfortable and judgment-free campus locations where you can watch your shows in the university’s sweet, blissful air conditioning.

You can now get free vegetables on campus!

If you’re sick of eating junk food, but the produce at the grocery store doesn’t fit your budget, the UW Campus Food Shed was made for you. Find out how four campus fridges full of free vegetables, fruits and spices are helping reduce food waste and make students and staff healthier.

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Is online dating making us too picky?

Online dating is hugely popular, but that very popularity can create problems. Two UW researchers discuss what they’ve learned from a recent study.

Find your festival

There’s a festival or fair in or around Madison every week this summer. Many are free and you can get to all of them without a car. Here’s our guide.

Find your festival

There are festivals and fairs in the Madison area nearly every week all summer. With fireworks, free music, carnivals and tons of food, there’s no way for you to be bored. Find out when they are and how you can get there — even without a car.

Is online dating making us too picky?

Researchers at UW-Madison have found that having too many choices when dating online can lead to regret. With lots of options, people often think “the grass is always greener” and are left unsatisfied with the person they end up choosing.

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What classes are you taking this summer?

Some students take summer term courses to satisfy a requirement in a quick timeframe. Some prefer to focus on a challenging subject with no other classes to distract them. And some just want to pursue a passion in the loveliest setting imaginable. Take a look at what six UW students are taking!