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@sielickin @UWMadison It wasn't advertising but seen as means to answer questions and to support students. Helped more than you'd think.@straightlinning | Jul 30, 1:36 AM
No lie @UWMadison social media game so strong that it played a factor in my college decision a year ago #connected #lovestheirstudents@straightlinning | Jul 29, 9:18 PM
@uwmadison students and staff are so kind. Most say "thank you" to the 80 bus driver when they disembark.@InMadison | Jul 29, 7:49 PM
I already miss being a student at @UWMadison and being surrounded by intelligent people in an academic setting. Take me back.@klmanders | Jul 29, 5:42 PM
The @DCBadgers 2014 Kickball Summer League Team. AKA the future champions @WisAlumni @UWMadison http://t.co/3titNGoQGs@WisCalvin | Jul 29, 3:44 PM
@BadgerCubinMN Prepare for more @Twitter followers: you are on the @UWMadison home page this morning http://t.co/zB01PIiHCX@OnWisMag | Jul 29, 1:40 PM
I finally convinced @LacyKrahenbuhl to apply to @UWMadison! That'll easily be one of the best decisions of her life! #soproud@rctyler24 | Jul 29, 1:48 AM
@UWMadison @uwsmph My new wife and I got the best surprise at our wedding reception!!! #proudalumni #proudstudents http://t.co/OUu2w31egY@mightbfakecurly | Jul 29, 12:27 AM
@UWMadison Raggedy #Wisconsin #motionW tee with cut-off sleeves for mowing the lawn today, btw. #badgershirtstreak day 1207 #OnWisconsin!@BadgerCubinMN | Jul 28, 9:36 PM
Thank you adorable little toddler boy, for giving me a high-five during my run to Picnic Point today. @UWMadison@NotoriousPOG | Jul 28, 9:25 PM
I can't believe I've spent four years missing out on this magical place. #uwmadison #madisonwi #garden #flowers

I can't believe I've spent four years missing out on this magical place. #uwmadison #madisonwi #garden #flowers

Chasing the ducks #unionlover #uwmadison  #memorialunionterrace

Chasing the ducks #unionlover #uwmadison #memorialunionterrace

Everywhere you go...there it is! #redgym #uwmadison

Everywhere you go...there it is! #redgym #uwmadison